Two Sided Communication
Although hearing impaired individuals communicate with each other using sign language, they have difficulty to communicate with people who do not know sign language in daily life. For instance, hearing impaired individuals who go to institutions such as bank, hospital, university need to have a companion who can help them in communication. Bilateral/Two Sided Communication eliminates such difficulties and obligations by providing communication between hearing impaired individuals and people who do not know sign language.
Bilateral/ Two Sided Communication works with instant translation from sign language to text / voice and from text / voice to sign language. Thus, it does not need any special equipment and it detects the sign language movements of the hearing impaired individual with the help of an ordinary camera and transmits the translation to the person who does not know sign language. In addition, it translates the words written or spoken by the person who does not know sign language into sign language via 3D avatar or real human model and transmits them to the hearing impaired individual. In this way, two-sided communication is provided instantly.
What are the benefits?
It helps the hearing impaired individuals to do their work on their own due to eliminating the compulsory attendant.
Staffs who received sign language training tend to forget it due that they did not use this language over time. Bilateral Communication eliminates the requirement for sign language interpreters or staff trained in sign language and it reduces the cost of training.
It complies with the necessary regulations as per accessibility laws.
Since it works on the web, it can be used on all devices such as PC, Mac, Mobile regardless of the platform.
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