Sign Language Web Plugin
The Sign Language Web Plugin allows people with hearing impairments to access information using their native language. When the Sign Language Web Plugin is active, the translator window opens at the bottom right of the web page and makes the sentences in the web page content it is integrated clickable. Hearing impaired individuals who have difficulty in understanding what they read, who are illiterate or who want to access the content with sign language can access the sign language translation of the sentences they click on via 3D animation character or a real human translator.
Nowadays, such sign language translations are performed with the recordings made in front of the green screen in the studio environment with the sign language translator according to the content of the web page. The biggest problem of this approach is that if the page content changes, it is necessary to record sign language translation with the same interpreter in the studio environment. Engelsiz Çeviri is able to perform sign language translation regardless of the page content due that the innovation and technological infrastructure it has developed. As a result, our users can change the content of the page as they wish, and the web plug-in will translate new sentences into sign language without any problem.
What are the benefits?
It allows hearing impaired individuals to access information in their native language.
By increasing the accessibility of your website, it allows you to reach people with hearing impairment who have difficulty in reading comprehension or who are illiterate.
3D Avatar character or real human model options are available.
Since it works dynamically, even if the content of the website to which it is integrated changes, the translation continues without any interruption.
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