The sign language web plug-in
The sign language web plug-in allows people with hearing impairments to access information using their native language. Web Plug in converts website content into the sign language for hearing impaired individuals who have difficulty understanding what they read.
Sign Language Video Plugin
Today, many video platforms offer subtitle support, but subtitles are not an alternative solution for individuals who are illiterate, have difficulty understanding what they read, or who want access to information in their native language. In order to find a solution to this problem, Engelsiz Çeviri has developed the sign language video translation plugin.
Two Sided/ Bileteral Communication
Although hearing impaired individuals easily communicate with each other by using sign language, they have difficulty in communicating with people who does not know sign language. Two sided/Bilateral communication establishes a communication bridge between individuals who are hearing impaired and those who does not know sign language by instantly translating from sign language to text or voice and vice versa.
PDF Voiceover Plugin
Today, many content such as education materials, contracts, etc. are available in PDF format. A PDF voiceover plug-in has been developed to increase the access of visually impaired individuals to such contents. Visually impaired individuals can listen to the content of documents in PDF format by reading the QR code in physical environment or directly in the virtual environment by using this plugin.
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